Roadside Units - RSUs

RSU - EraNext

Roadside Units for Construction Zones

A small portable device that communicates data about the Construction Zones to the In-Vehicle Devices and alerts the Driver. This helps in diverting road traffic and keeps the roads congestion free. 

Roadside Units for Lane Closures

A small portable device communicates data about the Lane Closures 1 Km prior to the In-Vehicle Devices and alerts the Driver to change the lane. This helps in keeping road traffic flowing and congestion free. 

Roadside Units for Tolling Systems

A Hi-Tech connected device that validates vehicle passing through the Toll Road and allows to collect toll automatically for the distance travelled. 

Roadside Units for Traffic Systems

A Powerful Computing Unit – These devices are connected in a Mesh Network with all the traffic signals through a Cellular network.  The device connects to vehicles and determines road traffic and assists the Drivers about the signal timers. It also helps in keeping the roads congestion free by changing the timers automatically using an AI based Algorithm. 

 In Development..