Mercury 1.0

Mercury 1.0 is an IoT based connected device that allows the driver to display multiple data points while driving a vehicle. Mercury 1.0 comes with an Independent Cellular Network, High Resolution Cameras and an HD Display.


Accident Detection and Calling Emergency Response Services according to the situation.

Smart Dashboard Console Running on Android.

Google Maps Navigation System with 10 meters accuracy.

HD Video Recordings of the Trip.

Mobile App

4G/5G Cellular Network, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Automatic record Trip route, speed and fuel consumption data.

Suggestions of nearby fuel or charging stations incase of low fuel/battery.

Front and Rear High-Resolution Cameras.

Time and Temperature data.

Dedicated and 256-bit Encrypted on Device storage and cloud space to store video recordings and vehicle documents.

Driver/Rider Profiling.

Infotainment system with Music, FM and video player.

Speed Warning system.

Engine Temperature warning system.